Jason Marsh Band

Jason and engineer

Jason Marsh has been playing the guitar and writing songs for years but it was only after he landed a job as a college professor in Minnesota in 2012 that he got serious about recording music. During his summers, Marsh rounded up some of his favorite musicians and vocalists from the United States and Canada (including present or past members of ‘The Tea Party’, ‘Big Sugar’, ‘Last Call’, and ‘Screwtape’) to record a guitar-driven debut album of rock, blues, country, and even a bit of Spanish-classical. The album, released in August 2016, titled ‘Try’, depicts the importance of taking risks in one’s personal projects.

The members of the band are Jason Marsh (Main writer and guitarist), Mike Green (Vocalist on three songs including ‘Luminosity’), Bob Zubkoff (Vocalist on two songs including ‘Heart of Stone’), Ben Graham (Singer, occasional writer), Matt Doige (Vocalist on three songs and an occasional writer), Steve Golac (keyboards, occasional writer), and Joel Carrier (Drums). Some members of the band, in particular Jason and Matt, were previously in a New Brunswick based group called A.D., which toured the east coast of Canada from 1999 to 2002.

Luminosity (UES020)