Paolo Sala


The Dead (UES030)

I was convinced to come to light on September the 27th 1969, the day after The Beatles released Abbey Road: an absolutely casual correlation I never forget to mention. My love for music showed very early in life but I never listened to the radio because I couldn’t stand the voice-over of the DJs, so I could only hear the records that I found at home and developed weird disparate tastes (classical, Andean folklore, Krautrock). At the age of seven I began studying classical guitar but that seemed like hard work, so I quit at the age of ten. I’m still regretting this choice.

The discovery of proper pop-rock music occurred only in my teens, along with the will of playing in a band. Leaving out the usual garbage bands we all used to play in during the college years, my first ‘serious’ band was a quartet named Blue Ice. I was the main songwriter, the singer and the guitar player. The most memorable things that Blue Ice made were the soundtracks for a couple of theatre plays, one of which was performed live by the band onstage in the early nineties. After Blue Ice split in 1995, I played the drums in a grungy noisy band called Age and contributed to other musicians’ projects.

In 2000 my brother Renzo and I founded Senpai, a musical project based mainly on my songwriting. Senpai started as a duo, but became a power pop quartet in their heyday from 2006 to 2010. The entire Senpai discography is available here:

Senpai split in the beginning of 2013. From then on I became a reclusive, obsessive, slightly misanthropic songwriter and composer of soundtracks for advertising (and for imaginary movies that had never been made). My dream live comeback would be with the accompaniment of a string quartet. Still looking for collaborators.

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